The most popular color on the Internet

The most popular color on the Internet
  22nd Aug, 18     Direct Design

The most recent research has shown that the choice of color for websites is indeed colorful, but still, one color really stands out from the crowd.

To find out what color is the most popular on the internet, web designer Paul Hebert analyzed the homepage colors of the 10 most popular websites. The results he came up with were fascinating – he found that the most popular color of the internet is blue! To be precise, it includes all shades of blue.

As Paul Hebert says, he decided to conduct this research and analysis of internet colors because choosing the right colors for your website is extremely important, but also a difficult task, even for him.

To analyze the color analysis of the 10 most popular websites he created a script that collected and analyzed the data about the color of homepages of sites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia...

Other than the blue color which took the first place, we should also mention other colors that were in the top, and they were respectively: grey, red, yellow, while the least used color is purple.

Paul Herbert also points out that this research will not stop him. He will now try to collect data about 100 of the most popular websites to get more relevant data so that he could be sure what the most popular color is or web design.


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