The most common mistakes of business websites

The most common mistakes of business websites
  15th Jul, 18     Direct Design

In today’s modern times, it is important to have a webpage to be seen and heard of. This is primarily directed at service providers and companies. Therefore, we can conclude that having a website is not a commodity anymore, but rather a necessity. It is not enough to simply have a website. Your website must be useful and user-friendly and that is the reason we bring you these most common mistakes of business websites.

A webpage is not responsive

Probably the biggest and most notable mistake that can be seen on many websites is unresponsiveness, or in other words – adjustment of a webpage to different resolutions of the device. October of 2016. was the first month where mobile phones and tablet internet traffic outnumbered traffic from personal computers. 51.3% of users used mobile phones or tablets to browse the internet. That number is constantly increasing with more and more people beginning to use portable devices to access the internet, making the website responsiveness one of your top priorities. Other than the user experience itself, responsiveness also affects your position in search engines. Whether or not your website is responsive, you can check by clicking on the following link.

Insufficient data on the website

Visitors come to your webpage for a reason – to find out more about your company, products or something else. If the data on your webpage isn’t easily accessible, it is probable that you will lose a potential buyer or a client.

Page loading speed

If your site has a webshop, your visitors will expect your shop (along with all products) to load relatively quickly. Over 47% of the internet users expect your website to load in under 2 seconds. The longer your site takes to load, the more probable it is for you to lose that person as a potential customer. You can easily check the loading speed of your site by using this Pingdom tool.

Web pages that are obsolete

If your webpage design is outdated, it is likely that it will repel your visitors. Many users will avoid visiting such websites ever again if they see the design as horrible. Website design is the first thing the visitors notices and it greatly affects the user experience. you most definitely don’t want your website to look like

Dysfunctionality while trying to purchase a product

The most annoying thing with a webshop is going through an entire process of selecting a product, only to find out you cannot complete your purchase because the purchase function on the webshop doesn’t work. Whether it’s the problem with the shopping cart or card information, this will definitely deter the visitor from visiting your site again. Other than the loss of visitor, you also lose the money you could have earned if your payment options weren’t buggy.

It is very important for your site to be functional and useful. Other than the above-mentioned mistakes, pay attention to other web design mistakes because you surely do not want to lose any visitors nor clients.

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