Internet marketing

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Internet marketing is the most cost effective type of promoting your brand or product

Internet marketing (SEO)


By Internet marketing, we intend all the activities we can use to promote our products or services on the internet. Internet marketing is nowadays most commonly associated with Google ads, Facebook marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or in other words positioning of a webpage in search results, is considered to be one of the most important elements during the process of website creation, but also after the website is online even more so.

Search engines optimization that is done while creating the website and its content is called On-page SEO, while the part that is done after the site is created is called Off-page SEO.

The advantages of a good quality SEO optimization:

  • Increased number of visits to the site
  • Targeted users
  • Sales increase
  • Lower additional advertising costs
  • Brand strengthening

SEO and Internet marketing strategies


The main goal of the SEO optimization is to have a better position of your site according to the required keyword in Google search engines, leading to an increased number of visitors, or the increase of organic traffic on the site, and hence increased sales.

When it comes to positioning in search engines and internet marketing, site optimization is a much better solution than Google Adsense, though somewhat expensive at the beginning; for a longer period of time is considerably cheaper and yields much better results by steadily increasing the number of visitors, while with Google advertising you pay every click.

Due to everything mentioned, SEO optimization is considered to be the best strategy of Internet marketing.

Website optimization


It is a complex and long-lasting process, but a process you cannot position on Google’s first page without. Getting your site on top of the search results page is a dream for any site owner.


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