Graphic Design

Be recognizable on market

Design of modern and effective logos, business cards, flyers and whole business brand

Graphic Design


You have surely seen websites with such horrific design that You clicked on the “back” button instantly. Also, sometimes when You are shopping in a store You will notice that You get repelled by some product just because of the appearance of packaging even though it might be better quality than the one with more elegant packaging.

This is exactly the reason why the first impression matters so much, and we are here for You to make sure that Your website, logo or packaging stand out from the crowd and get sympathies from potential buyers.

We also create a complete visual identity for Your company, taking Your proposals into account, as well as the type of company, product or service.

The quality of the company's visual appearance is the basis for success, regardless of the business you are into, so it's important to let the professionals do the branding job, and not your neighbor who is merely starting to work in Photoshop.

Design of Promo materials


Developing a graphic design is an extremely demanding process involving a variety of segments, so it is very important to understand the client's desires as well as the market you sould be turning towards.

Direct Design offers you a professional professional approach, as well as graphic solutions tailored to your requirements and the needs of potential customers at extremely affordable prices.

Along with the web promotion oriented graphic design, we are also creating promotional printing materials, and we are able to provide a complete graphic preparation service for the of printing business cards, posters, flyers, and more.

Grow your business with our design


Creating the logos, visitor cards design and graphical preparations, creating graphical books, flyers design, poster design, packaging design as well as creating promotional videos are only some of the graphical services we offer. Any of the services mentioned above are sure to improve Your position in the market.


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